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  • addepr0
    addepr0 3 години тому

    Two games, two L's. Way to build a culture!

  • ikato kiyazaki2
    ikato kiyazaki2 3 години тому

    everybody thought dwight wasnt gonna work with lakers, now look! really happy for the man! hope lakers win it all

  • VS9050909
    VS9050909 3 години тому

    Why do they keep saying Kuzma is having up and down games this season? He has been inconsistent his entire career in the NBA. That’s why I said keep Ingram from the very start. The Lakers have some of the worse staff ever, and Kobe and his pet Pelinka were the ones that choose to keep Kuzma in the first place. And more players spoke up for Ingram then he think, but the media plays on viewers intelligence 90% of the time.

  • Manny Taco
    Manny Taco 3 години тому

    All I heard was "baaa,baaa,baaa" 😅😂🐐

  • Fastbreak Break
    Fastbreak Break 3 години тому

    Watch with all these hype. Kc will get blowout by the niners

  • Jim Brown
    Jim Brown 3 години тому

    Typical Obama children.....enjoy your liberal lack of control and accountability

  • Vanitha Lakn
    Vanitha Lakn 3 години тому

    Look at the players faces haha, trying their best not to laugh

  • YMN TY
    YMN TY 3 години тому

    Zion can literally do it all. His post up game, his vision, he can push the ball up the floor his self and get his own shot or layup. When he is fully unleashed just wait on it💪🏾💪🏾

  • 張庭偉
    張庭偉 3 години тому

    Just yelling and one!!!

  • CRoSsy YeeT
    CRoSsy YeeT 3 години тому

    i love drugs support me

  • mo Ali
    mo Ali 3 години тому

    Check the stats for the record why not is he tryna b humble about it

  • OvidiuZ
    OvidiuZ 3 години тому

    he is right about the NBA's cute

  • lokisith69
    lokisith69 3 години тому


  • DaBerg Chris
    DaBerg Chris 3 години тому

    Why they play in Paris??

  • mjaay
    mjaay 3 години тому

    great question from max. great finesse from iggy. cuz he didnt even come close to answering it

  • FamousByFamily
    FamousByFamily 3 години тому


  • Eric D
    Eric D 3 години тому

    Knicks fans are crying right now Lmao

  • Mario Nelson
    Mario Nelson 3 години тому

    The superstars always gets special treatment but my feel say that these 2 think they are special because suddenly they get more attention than ever before and that gets to there small brain

  • ETX Sports
    ETX Sports 3 години тому

    He's getting frustrated like Jordan with Bulls GM Jerry Krause, he don't want to say it, he's definitely pulling a AD and bouncing outta there.

  • Jerry Polverino
    Jerry Polverino 3 години тому

    Without a second of doubt, my Whippet was the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you for this video.

  • Force
    Force 3 години тому

    Lost my mother at age 5, growing up without a parent is the worst thing in the world for a kid. Please love and appreciate your parents each and every moment you can, you never know if one day they're gone.

  • Understanding 77
    Understanding 77 3 години тому

    Zion is a SUUUPED UP Charles Barkley !! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Abhinav Agarwala
    Abhinav Agarwala 3 години тому

    Andre to the Lakers!!!!. Come on now....

  • Jeff Black
    Jeff Black 3 години тому

    They are still hating on Jimmy G even though the 49ers went 13-3. But it gets worse: He drove them down the field to a position to make a do-able field goal against the Seahawks in OT. It's not his fault the kicker missed. That reflects, for Jimmy G, a 14-2 record. He also had them leading against Atlanta. It wasn't his fault that Julio got an inch over the goal line to win the game. That reflects, for Jimmy G, a 15-1 record. But yeah, keep hating on Jimmy and blaming him for everything that HASN'T gone wrong. You are merely demonstrating what fools you are. Will he win the Super Bowl, or will he lose the Super Bowl? who knows, but he doesn't deserve the disrespect and mistrust that everyone has for him!!

  • Mario Nelson
    Mario Nelson 3 години тому

    MJ is in a league of his own , those 2 are not even close but sure act like it

  • DezWW777
    DezWW777 3 години тому

    It’s official, I no longer dislike Jordan. The media got it right this time.

  • Andy Sauro
    Andy Sauro 3 години тому

    Shout out to the dude that caught that block 1 handed, holding a beer without spilling.


    Jordan forever wit the hoop earring

  • Anton Villarina
    Anton Villarina 3 години тому

    Lebron has a good family around him...on the other hand..MJ 'destroyed his family...who's the GOAT now?

  • josh spatharos
    josh spatharos 3 години тому

    somebody tag Greg Doucette... he’s gonna flip over zion (20-25%) being called “8%” lmao

  • Shang Hui Khoo
    Shang Hui Khoo 3 години тому

    There will be not enough opponent players left in game if you allow Shaq to slash and run to the rim every time.

  • PlatanoGames
    PlatanoGames 3 години тому

    This is why triple-doubles are overrated. I'm a fan of Westbrook but he has 1000 triple doubles and not much to show for it

  • lucky strike
    lucky strike 3 години тому

    Highly unlikable ..3 pieces of shits

  • Ninja Channel
    Ninja Channel 3 години тому

    At around 20 second mark he gets the post up from Ingram. Looks like he's going for a standard right handed jump hook, switches hands in the middle of that notion and flips it in with his left. This is a 19 year old kid coming off major knee surgery in his 2nd game, rusty and out of shape.

  • 2onetwizzle
    2onetwizzle 3 години тому

    Who was that pretty young thang Sitting next to Cap'in HOOK!!!! (KA-J)😉🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yagmur Ozerem
    Yagmur Ozerem 3 години тому

    I realize MJ must give more public speech.

  • YMN TY
    YMN TY 3 години тому

    I feel like Griffin should bring his own coach in. Gentry only been to the playoffs one time with NO as a 6th seed. His style of coaching is more for consistent three point shooters and players that can just shoot the ball overall who can create there own quick shot. Like if he was the coach of the trail blazers I feel that would work perfect for him but NO have to surround Zion with players that can shoot and space that floor for Gentry system to work they also need a nice pure Center bc Favors suck in Gentry system and Okafor just not the player he was hyped to be. Okafor would be good for San Antonio or something

  • Michelle Gonzales
    Michelle Gonzales 3 години тому

    I really like that top spin

  • Greatest of all Time
    Greatest of all Time 3 години тому

    everybody should listen to pippen! i swear this man is the smartest and has a expirience so hes know what he is sayin

  • mjaay
    mjaay 3 години тому

    playoff rondo aint activated yet. And as to why they dont play nba champion quin cook more, i do not know. lastly i got more faith in lance stephenson or jr smith, than alot of these other names thrown out i.e collison or iggie

  • Jason Kilian
    Jason Kilian 3 години тому

    Hes the man!!! Took out the Pat's

  • Andrew Lacey
    Andrew Lacey 3 години тому

    "nothing goes over my head, my reflexes are too fast"

  • Natasha TappsRiendeau
    Natasha TappsRiendeau 3 години тому

    Ahwww this is so beautiful to see them reunited.. faith in humanity ❣️👍

  • Cedrick Phillips
    Cedrick Phillips 3 години тому

    The man the Lakers need is seating right there.Andre..which one of these teams gets him..they will win for sure.

  • G Code 609
    G Code 609 3 години тому

    Goat James...🐐💯💪

  • master pogi
    master pogi 3 години тому

    Super Saiyan turns into super Zion I need a telescope to see where is the ball at

  • Aleksandra Dimitrova
    Aleksandra Dimitrova 3 години тому

    7:14 Jaren Jackson Jr. blocks Gordon Hayward 's 26-foot three point jumper 7:14 Jaren Jackson Jr. defensive rebound I guess it is a steal :D

  • Damian Bailey
    Damian Bailey 3 години тому

    MJ, Kobe, Magic, Lebron, WC

  • Tamara Leschnik
    Tamara Leschnik 3 години тому


  • saigonbond
    saigonbond 3 години тому

    Chocolate Karch Kiraly...

  • j0van
    j0van 3 години тому

    spot on highlights

  • Gmt400z71 Silverado
    Gmt400z71 Silverado 3 години тому

    Air Jordan!!!!! The one person who shaped the NBA. The 90’s were amazing!! Unbelievable talent and amazing players that inspired us all to be great!!! Thank you Mike!

  • Lokra
    Lokra 3 години тому

    3:19 LJ quicker than MJ??? This bold guy is so annoying, talking BS all the time.

  • Erwin Salaguinto
    Erwin Salaguinto 3 години тому

    The GOAT, M "Air" Jordan The Jumpnan

  • Jerry Polverino
    Jerry Polverino 3 години тому

    This made my cry, with happiness, and sadness because I miss my Whippet more than anything I have ever loved in my life. I am 73,. My Whippet passed away more than fourty years ago.

  • Cristina Abogaa
    Cristina Abogaa 3 години тому

    Air Jordan 💞

  • Basketball & Arcade Ninja
    Basketball & Arcade Ninja 3 години тому

    Curry is the only 1 of the 3 that is top 3 shooter ever. KD & Klay are great but not ahead of Bird,Miller & Allen. Even Mark Price was lights out

  • Dan Han
    Dan Han 3 години тому

    But Lebron is toxic I thought, he can't lead and only creates drama i thought, nobody wants to play with him i heard

  • Super_Skills_101 Gaming
    Super_Skills_101 Gaming 3 години тому

    That is a bad bad man.

  • Daniel Tellez III
    Daniel Tellez III 3 години тому

    Pay the MAN

  • Alex Gibbons
    Alex Gibbons 3 години тому

    He's kind of right, how's Conor gonna react when Khabib beats him up for 2 rounds on the floor, that's where it's going to matter and we haven't seen yet if he's overcome his last but one fight, where he pretty much gave up after a beating.

  • Svet U
    Svet U 3 години тому

    That Sthephen A Smith guy is the critic Roosevelt was talking about. The typical overpaid doofus with confidence based on nothing. The audacity to tell a world class fighter what he should have done. It only shows he talks loudly and confidently about things he has no understanding of.

  • Mgriff 7
    Mgriff 7 4 години тому

    Where was the chuckle?

  • Joe :
    Joe : 4 години тому

    Is he no. 1?

  • Miko Charlton
    Miko Charlton 4 години тому

    You were great to pip,confidence is a serious thing.

  • TriBoro Gigolo
    TriBoro Gigolo 4 години тому

    Lebron move over, this is the new king for the next 20 years👑

  • b. J.
    b. J. 4 години тому

    good kids myass. they are animals and gangsters. they belong in JAIL

  • Gerry Gold
    Gerry Gold 4 години тому

    This is like a mockumentary

  • Basketball & Arcade Ninja
    Basketball & Arcade Ninja 4 години тому

    Shaq claims he loves physicality play yet got mad at Ostertag & Miller for doing just that

  • Bongumusa
    Bongumusa 4 години тому

    This man answering his own questions

  • Ashaunte Manuel
    Ashaunte Manuel 4 години тому

    KD Is working that man stop disrespecting ems

  • ced walk
    ced walk 4 години тому

    Gotta give credit to Dirk Nowitzki. He got all these 4's and 5's shooting three's

  • Fiend Archive
    Fiend Archive 4 години тому

    Y’all didn’t need to do him like that. Anyways your average borderline all star player doesn’t start shining till several years into their career. Look how long it took DLo to get to where he is now. I’m not going to write him off yet, he might not be Ayton, Trae, or Luka but he can still be an all star.

  • Aaron Lucas
    Aaron Lucas 4 години тому

    Why Scottie look like the oldest 13 year old on the planet?

  • Quotemywords
    Quotemywords 4 години тому

    t.o. out performance his contract the eagles frent office mess that situation up

  • Otis Whitton
    Otis Whitton 4 години тому

    8% body fat... hahahahahahahahaahahaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha. Click on a single bodybuilding video explaining what 8% body fat looks like. He is in closer to 100%

  • Ignas Bernotas
    Ignas Bernotas 4 години тому

    Iguodala is old and washed up

  • Jn Mc
    Jn Mc 4 години тому

    For 6 or 8 million a year I’d take being treated like a noob.

  • patrick brown
    patrick brown 4 години тому

    First time Jordan ever showed lebron any kind of love

  • Tony Cook
    Tony Cook 4 години тому

    Love all the hate. 49ers can win a game in so many different ways. People forget Jimmy G WON a shootout against Brees in the dome this year. Jimmy is going to carve the Chiefs up and prove the haters wrong.

  • b3rni3mac2
    b3rni3mac2 4 години тому

    Going by Max's evaluation, it's sort of like sleeping 10 hours and still feeling tired when you wake up.

  • David Bertrand
    David Bertrand 4 години тому

    Is there a banging noise when opposing teams call plays?

  • deicide
    deicide 4 години тому

    load management is actually better for the rest of the team. they get more playing time. not great for the fans though.

  • Johanna Helms
    Johanna Helms 4 години тому

    3:15 for Altuve

  • rwarren58
    rwarren58 4 години тому

    He's 35. Can he play is not the issue. Can he play every game is the question? He needs Yoga!

  • BiG WALT
    BiG WALT 4 години тому

    I wouldn’t put anyone top5 who I beat 3x

  • oscar garcia
    oscar garcia 4 години тому

    sorry to tell you, but that was not a BLOCK. It was clearly a goaltending ...

  • Chuck Anya
    Chuck Anya 4 години тому

    Matt Barnes has matured as a man and is certainly great commentator.Go get em Matt!

  • Rayne Staley
    Rayne Staley 4 години тому

    I don't like his personality but him as a player no question,,

  • Warren Jackson
    Warren Jackson 4 години тому

    Nothning better than a mothers love

  • T38 Talon
    T38 Talon 4 години тому

    My border collie does better, which he doesn't sing, which is the sound of silence, which IS better.... Honesty, I tried but when she went into banshee mode at 1:24, that was it for me...

  • mj dub
    mj dub 4 години тому

    Doesnt matter. Without rings....all those points scored....means nothing.

  • Kevin Richardson
    Kevin Richardson 4 години тому

    For me jordan is the GOAT and he always will be

  • Joshua Dwomoh
    Joshua Dwomoh 4 години тому

    3:37 someone at ESPN needs to proofread Max's questions... huh?

  • Bigkingzeus92
    Bigkingzeus92 4 години тому

    Do y’all MFs know what chuckle means ? This was not it l

  • Ivory Towers
    Ivory Towers 4 години тому

    Alvin Gentry really needs to loosen that tie. Or tuck that neck in his shirt . Come on dog , that collar is way to tight .

  • Ken slicker
    Ken slicker 4 години тому

    Poor black millionaires

  • CaliBear 415
    CaliBear 415 4 години тому

    Anybody see Stephen throwing punches? 😂😂 never talk about mma again. My sport don’t need u

  • Samantha Andrews
    Samantha Andrews 4 години тому

    Cermet 2.0

  • YohAquino2
    YohAquino2 4 години тому

    this is fake this is obviously cgi